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Talented duo discusses inspiration

Ahead of their wedding on March 1, their tour commencement on March 6 in Long Beach, and their Lean Into The Wind album release on March 25, the busy Miss Shevaughn and Yuma Wray discuss inspiration and facing tough experiences in part one of their emotional interview here:

Band ready with new album
Joe Dominguez

W.E. What was the key to achieving such a remarkable sound on Lean Into The Wind?

Y.W. We try not to limit the scope of what we do. We’re inspired by so much music that all tends to come together in our work. We’re in the van a lot, so we tend to listen to whole albums from start to finish. Some of the records we were listening to a lot out on tour were Dixie Chicken by Little Feat, Blue by Joni Mitchell, Zuma by Neil Young, and every Queens of the Stone Age album.

M.S. There were kind of two levels to creating Lean Into The Wind. There was the writing, which kind of came in a flood after being on the road so long and was definitely inspired by what was a pretty tough year. A friend who I used to play music with passed away after battling cancer and then, right before we were going to road test the new songs, I received a diagnosis of cervical cancer and went out to the East Coast for treatment. We decided to push on through and ended up finishing the tour and recording.

The other level of creating the sounds you hear on Lean Into The Wind comes from everyone’s contributions in the studio. We all sing. Yuma and I switch off on lead guitar and keys. Our drummer, Ben Tufts, also played mandolin. Yuma played flute. We had our friend, Alex Van Brasch, come in and play some bass, and Ikey Owens (The Mars Volta, Jack White’s Buzzards, Free Moral Agents) played keys on one track. We were really able to just let our imaginations go wild.

The interview continues in part two with a discussion of the upcoming Long Beach show.

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