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Talaija Dorsey found: Missing girl's body recovered, mom's fiance a suspect

Talaija Dorsey was found Sunday after going missing on Tuesday
Talaija Dorsey was found Sunday after going missing on Tuesday
Photo via KATC's Twitter

Talaija Dorsey's body was found on Sunday after an intense five day search. The fiance of the 12-year-old's mother is now considered a suspect in Talaija's death. The Advocate shared the details on Monday.

Dorsey had been missing since Tuesday morning. A friend had stopped by her home as the two were slated to head to summer camp together. Talaija was missing from her bedroom that morning, and sadly she was found Sunday on the edge of a cane field. Authorities believe her body had been there since the day she went missing.

Talaija's mother's boyfriend, John D. Celestine, was named as a person of interest the day after the girl went missing. Now police consider him a suspect in her death. Reports indicate that a pair of Talaija's slippers were found in a van typically not used at the family's home. Celestine, 43, was booked on charges of false communications and obstruction of justice. He is still being held as the authorities piece together what happened.

So far authorities are not releasing many details regarding the case. They are not specifying Talaija Dorsey's cause of death or anything regarding exactly where she was found or the condition of her body. Deputies have said that at this point they are not sure if she was killed where she was found or killed elsewhere and dumped there. An autopsy should be completed early this week.

Reports indicate that Celestine had been engaged to Talaija's mother, Emma Dorsey, for about two years, but the two had known one another for much longer than that. According to The Times-Picayune, Celestine has not been cooperating with the investigators. Authorities continue to work through evidence at the scene, and more information should become available regarding Talaija Dorsey's death once the autopsy has been completed.

Her family is, understandably, shell-shocked and heartbroken over the girl's death. Family members have shared that they are glad she at least has been found. A funeral is slated to be held this week at the church where Talaija Dorsey was baptized.

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