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Talaija Dorsey update: Murder evidence in girl's case to be withheld from public

Evidence in the Talaija Dorsey murder case in New Orleans will be withheld from the public, St. James Parish Sheriff Willy Martin said. The fiance of Telaija's mother is suspected of killing her daughter after she went missing last Thursday. Talaija's body was found in a sugar cane field around a thick, grassy area on Sunday. The suspect, John Celestine, 43, is charged with first-degree murder, The Town Talk reports July 9.

Martin says of the evidence against Celestine:

"I know this is going to be a critical case … We’re being extremely cautious we don’t reveal evidence publicly."

Martin goes on to say that Celestine's answers to questions he was asked were inconsistent. Law enforcement believe he was lying based on information they learned about his routine on July 1, when Talaija Dorsey went missing.

As the questioning pressed on, Martin shares:

"Then he got to the point he didn’t want to talk to us."

The state crime lab worked tirelessly on getting results fast. Martin reveals that the DA thought he had enough evidence against Celestine to get an indictment. A grand jury was presented with evidence Tuesday. Prior to the discovery of Dorsey's body, Celestine was held on charges of obstructing justice and false communication. Bond was set at $100,000 for each of the charges.

A pair of Talaija's slippers were out of place in a minivan being used as makeshift storage unit and was a red flag in the case against Celestine.

Emma Dorsey's brother, Lawrence Smith, Jr., tells The Advocate that she and her five children lived with John Celestine five years and have been engaged for two. The two youngest children are who they had together and the three others -- including Talaija -- were from a previous relationship Emma had.

Celestine reportedly has other kids in Louisiana and Texas, according to Smith. Those who knew the murder suspect recall him as someone keeping to himself and never had friends over to his house.

Will John Celestine be found guilty for the murder of Talaija Dorsey?

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