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Talaija Dorsey:Mother's fiance arrested in connection to Talaija Dorsey's murder

Talaija Dorsey, the 12-year-old girl from Louisiana who went missing on July 1, was found dead on Sunday. CP reports July 7 that Sheriff Willy Martin announced the discovery Sunday and also informed the public that the fiance of Talaija's mother -- John Celestine, 42 -- is a suspect in the girl's murder.

Sheriff Martin said:

"Didn't end the way we were hoping. We looked at that smiling face every day."

As the report notes, details around Talaija's body weren't revealed so the case wouldn't be compromised. The only information he offered was that the girl's body was found behind a thick grassy area near a sugar cane field Sunday morning. Authorities believe that her body had been there since Thursday morning. An autopsy will be performed on the body to learn more about how she died.

Celestine was arrested when the 12-year-old went missing and now he's the suspect in her death. When a pair of slippers belonging to Talaija Dorsey were found by police in a broken down minivan at her home, they took Celestine into custody.

Martin announced:

"We're still holding him. We're hoping that we will find evidence at the scene that will help us. The person that killed her knows exactly how it (the scene) looks and he won't be able to say he heard it on TV."

Martin shares that he took the picture of Talaija with him every day and even put it on his kitchen table and left with it every morning. He says the other officers can say he put in as many hours looking for her as he did in order to bring the case to a close.

KPLC 7 reports that autopsy results of Talaija Dorsey should be available very soon.

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