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Talaija Dorsey: Body of 12-year-old girl found and suspect arrested

Talaija Dorsey has been found dead. The 12-year-old Louisiana girl went missing a week ago today, and it is now known her life ended on that same day. Her body was found early Sunday morning. Sheriff Willy Martin made the announcement about the discovery of her body on Sunday, and he did reveal that he found her body himself. The Christian Post shared the latest details on this sad case on July 7.

Talaija Dorsey was found dead on Sunday after a five day long search.
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Talaija Dorsey disappeared last Tuesday morning. She was last seen at her home in St. James, and the fiance of her mother has been arrested in connection with the young girl's murder. John Celestine had already been arrested and charged with obstruction of justice in this case on Wednesday. He started off as a person of interest in this crime, but he is now the main suspect. Celestine has not been cooperative with investigators working on this case.

Martin would not reveal many details about the discovery of the little girl because the investigation is on-going. It was revealed that her body was found at 10: 20 a.m. on Sunday morning, and her body was discovered at the edge of a cane field, according to The state of her body and the exact cause of death were not revealed at the press conference.

Martin admitted that he took this case "personal." He took home the photo of the little girl every night, and he was hoping for a very different outcome. He said the following about the investigation at the press conference held on Sunday:

"We're hoping that we will find evidence at the scene that will help us. The person that killed her knows exactly how it (the scene) looks and he won't be able to say he heard it on TV."

The search for Dorsey involved more than just the police department. There were 100 members of the community that joined in the search for the missing girl over the five day period that she was missing. Her pastor, Rev. Samuel Jones, has also spoken out about the loss of this young girl. He baptized her, and he now has the sad task of burying her. He has been there to help her family deal with their grief. He said the following about the young girl's death:

"This is my family, not just church family. This is a young lady who would come to Bible class, prayer service with us. This is the one I baptized. This is my family and I know we're going to get through it."

The church community has now gathered around the girl's family to support them during this sad time. After the press conference on Sunday, the family was seen at their church. An autopsy has been done on the girl, but those results have not yet been released.

When any child goes missing, there is always a hope that they will be found alive and well. That does happen sometimes, but that did not happen in this sad case. The investigation is still on-going, so new details may come to light in the days ahead.

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