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Takoba is where to watch the World Cup in Austin

Interior Mexican Food
Interior Mexican Food
Takoba: E. 7th and Onion

Takoba, the newest restaurant/bar on E. 7th, is become a fast favorite for watching World Cup matches in Austin. Their food is delicious, fast, and affordable interior Mexican food, and the staff is friendly and quick. And there's even a "beach" out back with beach chairs for lounging and enjoying an ice cold Corona. And who doesn't like a friendly game of Foosball!?

What's great at the bar?

Takoba has a full bar, but on match days we opted to keep it simple. They have Modelo Especial on draft, which is always a pleasant surprise, and their house margaritas pack a cheek-warming punch. Upgrade your draft beer to a Michelada, and you'll get a spicy, salsa-filled, iced-over schooner with lime pulp ALL OVER the rim. Tangy and spicy--just how it should be.

Current match day specials have included:

$4 Micheladas
$4 Frozen Margaritas (also Strawberry and Prickly Pear for $4.75)
$3 XX draft

What's good to eat?

Everything. The food is excellent. The Tacos al Pastor are super spicy and sweet. You get your choice of tortillas, salsa, and two sides--get them on corn with the avocado green salsa, and nopales and rice. Yes, they have delicious nopales--sauteed pieces of cactus paddles. 

Their ceviche is also the perfect cold treat for these hot steamy summer days and nights. I've ordered it twice, and it's been made with different fish each time, but it's always tart, light, and refreshing.

Wash everything down with a cold beer and your team's favorite song, and you'll have the perfect afternoon. Now that Mexico has made it to the knockout rounds, make sure you go when they're playing--and bring your drums and your dancing shoes.


Takoba (on Facebook)

1411 E. 7th (7th and Onion)

(512) 628 - 4466

World Cup @ Takoba info

Free parking in the Takoba lot at 6th and Navasota.


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