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Taking your medication as directed

Taking your prescribed or over-the-counter medication as directed is very important to your overall health. Any medication, herbal, medicinal or supplement should be taken with care and responsibility. Some medications need to be taken with a full glass of water while others may need to be taken with food to lessen stomach upset. The time a medication is taken is very important and some people can not drive cars or heavy equipment while on certain drugs.

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A person can overdose on anything even vitamins, always read directions before starting any medication and if your doctor prescribes a new drug be sure to tell him/her everything you are taking.

Some drugs don’t mix well and might give your body one or more very serious adverse reactions that could harm your health or even kill you. When filling a new prescription drug or refilling a medication ask your pharmacist any questions or concerns about the medication you may have.

Always keep any medications in your home out of reach of children they can and will eat the pills or capsules and could easily overdose or die from the medicine. If you keep medicine in your purse of briefcase be sure to keep it out of children’s reach also. If your child has taken any of your medicine seek medical help immediately to save their life.

Most medications are prescribed for a person with a few different factors considered for that particular person such as age, body type, size and weight, other medications being taken, the aliment or aliments being treated, and what stage a disease is in, among other things pertinent to their good health and well being. Never share your medicine with anyone else they could be allergic to the ingredients and suffer a serious allergic reaction or even death.

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