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Taking your date to a concert - Dionne Warwick at The Revel in Atlantic City

This Lady Still Has It
This Lady Still Has It
Robert Fleisher

What does a Dionne Warwick concert have to do with Atlantic City dating? Actually it has much-a-do about dating in Atlantic City because the concert was just held at the Revel Casino (soon to be The No-Longer Open Revel Casino) in Atlantic City. Not everyone at this concert was married. I for one was on a date and so were many others.

Concerts offer a perfect place to take a date, and if you can find one that features a performer singing romantic songs from your past, you have the perfect mix of nostalgia and love in the air.

The diva, Dionne, entered the stage and warned that she recently lost her voice. On doctor’s orders she would have to stop talking for ten days. It must have worked because her weak, left vocal cord with the attached polyp came to life after a cautious first two songs.

So how do the love songs affect your date?

I’ll Never Fall in Love Again told of “what you get when you fall in love,” how a guy is going to “burst your bubble,” and that you will never fall in love again. The lines about kissing a guy and “getting germs that cause pneumonia and then he’ll never phone ya” may not bode well for that goodnight kiss you’re thinking about throughout the concert, but do not fear because the lyrics end with, “…at least until tomorrow I’ll never fall in love again.” So there is still hope for that kiss.

While concert songs may help bring you closer to your date, there is also the chance that you may turn to this lost soul and see tears running down their cheeks from some such lyrics as found in Walk on By. Realize that “each time I see you I breakdown and cry” could remind your date of a past lost-love. That may temper the rest of the evening and again may not bode well for that goodnight kiss.

You can learn a lot about life from concert love songs: You’ll Never Get To Heaven if you break my heart. “It’s really a sin to be mean and cruel… remember if you’re untrue Angels up in heaven are lookin’ at you.” Don’t make her Over, and remember You’re Gonna need her.

All good advice just from sitting in a concert on a date and keeping an open mind – wonderful lessons.

Do know, “That’s What Friends are For” was the closing song, and this too may not bode well for that goodnight kiss if all either of you want out of this date is a friend. However, the more likelihood is that a good concert date should produce the right atmosphere that results in a really nice goodnight kiss. Just be careful that you don’t go to a rap concert looking for romantic advice because you may be required to do some bitch slapping when you get home. You got that, homey!

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