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Taking Your 30-Second Commercial to Extraordinary

Courtesy C. Holsendorff
Courtesy C. Holsendorff

Each of us, no doubt, has a favorite commercial that enchantingly pauses us in our trek towards that commercial-break snack. We’ve seen it dozens of times, and yet it grabs us every time with its catchy jingle and characters conveying its unique product message.

So, Tell Me About Yourself

A product brand is a collection of ideas and images conveying a promise. With that, the mark of an effective product brand is that along with effectively distinguishing itself from another, it strives to make an emotional connection.

In your job search you’re hopefully talking to strategic connections and generating discussions and interviews which typically begin with you explaining what you’re all about, for example:

“I’m a Client Relations professional with 11 years in the retail industry. I provide customer support in a call center environment for insurance industry clients. I’m very analytical with excellent communication skills and a strong work ethic.”

Hmm...okay. So what? Whereas there’s nothing wrong with this introduction, there's also nothing distinctive about it. It’s very average. And in today's market, employers don’t have to settle for average. The job market is overwhelmed with folks who do what you do. Your Tell-me-about-yourself statement needs to go beyond simply a compilation of your functional attributes (skills, knowledge, education, communication style) to include why your attributes matter:

“I’m a Client Relations Specialist in the advertising industry. I have extensive experience sourcing strategic partnerships to raise visibility and company distinction.”

The above introduction generates interest by demonstrating how an employer's need can be met, thus making an emotional connection─and provides 'someplace to go' in the conversation. Following are simplistic but effective steps for building your job search brand message.

What You Do: Declaring Your Impact

Don't simply state your job title. Assert the payback of your actions in that role:

  • I’m a top-performing Sales Director in the biotechnology industry. I successfully brainstorm multi-million dollar projects in struggling territories.
  • I’m a Copywriter in the publishing industry with the acumen to craft web content that goes viral.

How You Do It: What Makes You Distinctive

What separates you from others who do what you do? What differentiates you from the pack? This is where a 'known for' or 'recognized for' statement is of optimum value; it reinforces your credibility:

  • I’m particularly adept at focusing and aligning strategies with manufacturing resources to bring about acceleration of product processes and reduction in waste.
  • I’m known for my ability to connect with leaders in all areas of the company to deliver truly global marketing campaigns.

Why What You Do Matters: Your Value Proposition

What's your appeal? What's your irrefutable reason(s) that anyone should take note of what you do/who you are?

  • I can help your company make the most of its resources by weaving greater efficiency and consistency into travel planning, allowing for reduction in costs and increase in revenue.
  • I can convert the tactical and strategic objectives of your business into actionable items and enable the commission of corporate mandates.

Sample 30-Second Commercial ...
I’m a certified Project Management professional whose career in the field of facilities design and construction and facility site operations has provided for roles developing immediate solutions to unique business challenges. For example, faced with the impending loss of the sole developer having knowledge and expertise of the company’s badge access system, I developed and led the effort to capture the necessary knowledge into a database I created, defined the anticipated staffing needs, and chose new staff who successfully assumed the role. I can provide for your company the expertise and intuitive discernment for mission critical applications.

No matter how impressive your job title, without a strong value proposition others won't have a convincing enough reason for ongoing conversation with you.

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