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Taking Valentines Day off for a personal day


Find yourself alone this Valentines Day? Don `t begin to fret. This day can be just as fun and exciting for you, as for those who are celebrating. While you may have celebrated Valentines Day over the years in the past, sometimes alternative ideas are the way to go.

Ever considered a Valentines Day boycott? For girls spending the day together instead of with boyfriends, there are many fun and different ideas for how to spend the day. One idea, involves a variety of slasher/horror films, (if that’s what you `re into), and great takeout. Nothing says anti-valentine like blood, gore, and a bit of self spoils for a day.

Speaking of spoils, it may also be fun to spend a day focusing on YOU. A massage, or day at the spa will bring great depths of relaxation and reflection- a great way to clear your mind, and get rid of any worry.
Instead of dreading the red holiday, embrace it. Use it as a day of self-discovery, or to bond with friends. Something as simple as a silly v-day protest/break from the normal day to day, may turn out to be just what is needed.