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Taking vacations is restorative and necessary, says relationship expert

Sunset in Grand Cayman Island
Sunset in Grand Cayman Island
Claudia Carbone

Though he admits traveling does have a built-in hassle factor, marriage and family therapist Neil Rosenthal believes taking vacations is restorative and necessary for both couple and singles.

“A vacation allows you to clear your mind, replenish your energy and fill your spirit up again,” he wrote in his syndicated newspaper column.

“It is an opportunity to disengage from the demands of day-to-day life, which is essential for anyone suffering from too much reality, routine, frustration or banality. It is one of the best vehicles of self-care.”

For couples, Rosenthal said going somewhere new gives them a chance to strengthen their connection. “Some couples don’t do well at home, but if they go to some beach in Mexico, they’ll make made passionate love in that romantic setting,” he said in an interview.

Singles, too, can feel more alive, like they are living rather than just motoring along on autopilot. Vacations can be a time to re-evaluate their lives while having a little rest and relaxation and an otherworldly cultural experience.

For females traveling alone, he recommends signing up with an organized travel group for safety reasons. There are many women-only groups as well as mixed gender travel outfitters.

The annoyances of travel can be mitigated if your chose a trip that’s exotic enough to be worth it.

“I view the hassle of traveling as a means to an end,” he said. “I go to such places because I gain more than I loose. It’s more restorative, more exciting, more extraordinary than my normal life. It’s indeed annoying, but the experience of going to an entirely new and different culture can be life-transforming because it allows you to see the world in a different way. These experiences are loaded with memories and stories that will extend well into the future.”

Speaking of memories, take lots of photos, he said. The photos become your memories, as you often cannot recall the moment without a picture.

As he himself prepares for a long trip in which he’ll be 35 hours in transit, Rosenthal advised, “You simply cannot afford to not take a vacation.

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