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Taking the time to learn

Energy work is very helpful with animals who have a hard time with trust
Energy work is very helpful with animals who have a hard time with trust
by Doug Henry

Many activities humans share with their pets take time, training & patience to learn; energy work is no exception! While I have the advantage of many pets to practice with, I have to fight my natural urge to find excuses not to. I know I am not alone in the mental debate that spending time with my pets is an activity that doesn’t really ‘accomplish’ anything. Even more frustrating for me as I know that activities don’t need to serve any ‘purpose’ other than bringing me happiness. The science is out there, studies showing how the simple purring of a cat can lower your blood pressure & help you relax, the muzzle of a dog on your lap can make you feel happier when you’re down a notch. Aside from the calming effects, animals are also natural healers and many will happily help you recover from illness or injury. As well, horses have an amazingly huge capacity to love & heal humans when given the chance & a little direction.

Because the majority of my house cat Pride are kittens & I mostly practice alone right now, the cats are a harder bunch to work with yet. I like to see my time with them as an experiential learning/play time. If I try to ‘work’ I risk losing patience with kittens that wander off and don’t want to be held, so I am playing with cause & effect and simply noting the interactions I experience with them.

I may have to get Joyce out to have a conversation with Spiral: I need to know where her disdain for the world at large comes from & learn what I can do to help her enjoy her experience as a horse more. She seems to enjoy the Chakra balancing I have been practicing with her, but when given the chance to walk away she often will. Her daughter Magik will be right there, ‘ready, willing & able’ to take her mothers place and get all the attention. I’m looking forward to nicer weather and some active training with Magik this summer; I can’t wait to see how the energy work will help shape our time together! Rocky has been fun to work with because I like to go across the pasture and just relax a little, take some deep breaths & enjoy being outside. Then, when he’s no longer paying attention I put up my hands & go towards him, watching him to see when I ‘run into’ his energy field. Even if I don’t “feel” it solidly there is no mistaking when I do because he very quickly becomes hyper-aware of everything around him.

The dogs fall over themselves to be the first one to do energy work with me when I bring them in. If you haven’t caught it yet in any previous articles, we have a Boxer & a Border Collie. Both the sweetest boys ever and both with childlike energy that never ends; energy that goes into overtime with excitement when they come in the house. Trying to calm them down is getting much easier with practice; the other day I brought them in before I did my centering exercise prior to practicing energy work & by the time I was done they were both asleep at my feet. The sight brought a smile & chuckle on my part, although the magic was gone very quickly when I acknowledged what good boys they were! Back were the hyper happy boys, which added to my pleasure when they easily settled down to work with me.

Like anything that does not come easily (&/or naturally), energy work takes time, practice & patience. The key is regular practice; something I do on a daily basis. I’m looking forward to the day I suddenly realize I don’t see it as practicing anymore; the day I realize I’ve found my confidence in my gifts & abilities and am simply ‘doing’ it. Patience is not one of my personal strong points, so it is notable that I am giving myself plenty of time to find and develop that confidence. Another advantage to learning this process with animals is that they really do want to help us learn how to strengthen the human/animal bond.

The other thing to remember is that if you are open to the idea of energy work & communicating with animals; if you believe it can be done: you are capable of it. I would say everyone is capable, but technically you are never able to do that which you can’t even imagine. Mostly because if you don’t believe it is possible, why would you even try? I have typically been among the group of people who believe “It is possible…for other people”. I may be filled with the desire to know it all now, to have the gift of confidence and experience, but I realize experience is defined by the very state of time. It takes time to gain experience so I don’t dwell on the big picture; everyday I just do my little bit, knowing it will eventually add up to that level of experience where the confidence comes in.


  • cousin Diana 5 years ago

    I so always enjoy your outlook and our critters and the world we share near parallel in most cases..just with most humans we feel the need to be something greater in the art of communication..and sorry for them that they dont get it ...if you want to communicate with a say Russian ( just an example) you need to know how to speak Russian..well dang it all if we dont need to learn how to speak critter.. like you said frustration follows any attempt to work with kittens.. I have that with foals..I love them they are wonderful just they well do things that hurt us because they ( for one) don't know better) and at some point accept us as an equal and want to play baby games as they play and I am not sturdy enough to do I loose patience as a child I loved it but not now well as a horse that has some head trips its heart breaking knowing that walls are built and I have to find a way to get through and understand job not theirs to rune in and decide what is up

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