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Taking the time to learn



  • cousin Diana 6 years ago

    I so always enjoy your outlook and our critters and the world we share near parallel in most cases..just with most humans we feel the need to be something greater in the art of communication..and sorry for them that they dont get it ...if you want to communicate with a say Russian ( just an example) you need to know how to speak Russian..well dang it all if we dont need to learn how to speak critter.. like you said frustration follows any attempt to work with kittens.. I have that with foals..I love them they are wonderful just they well do things that hurt us because they ( for one) don't know better) and at some point accept us as an equal and want to play baby games as they play and I am not sturdy enough to do I loose patience as a child I loved it but not now well as a horse that has some head trips its heart breaking knowing that walls are built and I have to find a way to get through and understand job not theirs to rune in and decide what is up

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