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Taking the Tablet Plunge – Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

So, what started out as a trek to our local cellular phone retailer, ended up with an un-researched and unplanned acquisition of a new electronic item for me. My son, who shall remain nameless, had an iPhone that looked like it just came out of a 9-round championship prize fight. Not only did it have cracks that looked like the phone had an intricate spider web design on it, he had lost virtually half of his real estate on his screen. It literally looked like the phone had stripes or a bad case of ying-yang…half of the screen was black and half was white. To my chagrin, it had to be replaced.

So, a new iPhone for him, a new first phone for his brother, who didn’t want a phone for the last few years, and a higher bill for me. However, my visit didn’t end so bad…when the store representative glanced at my account, he “noticed” that I was eligible for a “free” tablet. It just happened that at the same time, I was somewhat admiring a tablet that was on the counter next to him, and out of its box. I asked to see it, and I thought, this is a neat gadget, and a cute size, soI ended up taking it home.

The tablet was a 7” Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, and to my surprise, it was very nice, and it wasn’t too small, which I kind of thought it would be. The main reason why I was contemplating the idea of getting a tablet was because my phone was too small for web surfing and I don’t always feel like jumping behind my laptop to do stuff. I also have to get used to Android, but Google Play store helps to make the experience better. The tablet also comes with a few built-in apps that are pretty cool, like the universal remote, and a really big plus is that is it Platinum certified by the UL Environment, which means that it contains environmentally preferable materials that offer a minimal environmental impact, which is thumbs up for me.

All in all, a sound tablet, that is compact in size – or purse size, which is great. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is on the fence about a tablet purchase.

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