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Taking steps to improve your well-being

getting ready for a swim
getting ready for a swim
Photo by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

Life is all about growth and to grow, we have to improve ourselves daily. As a trainer, writer and author, I strive each day to continue my journey to improving myself in some way, whether its by reading, researching, exercising or just doing something new.

Self-improvement is all about continuous growth. Sure, life can be difficult, but think how much more special it can be if you are doing things to improve yourself such as exercising, eating a healthy diet and learning new things. There are some things in life that are out of your control, but make the best of what you have now. Know that YOU are ultimately responsible for your health and well-being. The perfect time to take action is always now. Improving yourself is the best way to enable you to help others. Its the actions you need to take to step out of your comfort zone. Do not be afraid of change. Nothing ever gets accomplished when you're too comfortable.

The improvements that we're able to notice are usually physical ones. Physical activity is the cornerstone to good health and engaging in it is caring for your body. Being physically active doesn't require a lot; small steps such as taking your dog for a longer walk or taking the stairs instead of riding the elevator.

"How much exercise is necessary?" is a difficult question to answer. It depends on many factors such as age, diet and health status. However, if there are no problems, I encourage people to exercise regularly. Engaging in exercise 30 to 40 minutes should be included in your daily activities in order to provide optimal physical and mental health. Exercise should be tailored to your enjoyment and interests. Intense levels of exercise is usually designed to achieve an athletic endurance and physique. A moderate level for enjoyment can be exercises like yoga, jogging, swimming, tennis and cycling. An introductory level such as walking or riding a bike could be an ideal way to begin. It's great to learn how to take care of your body in your steps towards good health.

Improving yourself also requires finding a perfect balance of healthy food. It is no secret that our culture is crazy about food. In the United States, there are plenty of affordable foods which make it easy to overindulge. Small, healthy changes in your diet can help. If you need help, find someone who knows about nutrition. Health professionals such as nutritionists or even some trainers have knowledge on nutrition and having these professionals on board can create a tremendous benefit. If you want to lose weight or are out of shape, nutritionist can provide you with a meal plan and motivate you enough to keep you on track. Remember, its wise to set a realistic goal. Make sure you're keeping track of your progression. Many experienced nutritionists consider that a weight loss of five pounds in a month is reasonable.

It pays off to be informed these days and educating yourself is a great step to self-improvement. The internet is an amazing educational resource. The quantity of information available on any given topic is more than most people will ever need, and probably more than they can handle. This vast amount of information is the internet's biggest strength. If you try to educate yourself online without a clear strategy though, it can also be a weakness. You’ll quickly find yourself frustrated and misinformed. If searching the internet feels as though you are casting your net too wide, there are also plenty of books, magazines, and e-books out there. These are also great tools to learn from as they are more specifically targeted information. Your resources are unlimited but its a fact these days that we are up to our heads in distractions. Being in the informational age, where our cell phones and computers are our best friends, knowledge is only a finger tip away. It's proven that most of the world's successful people read or educate themselves daily. The world, including you, changes every second. The more you know, the better you'll understand yourself and the world around you.

To conclude, you can do several things everyday to improve yourself. There are many tools available but ultimately Its your personal responsibility to help yourself.

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