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Taking solace on the water

A beautiful lake sunset as seen from out on the water
A beautiful lake sunset as seen from out on the water
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There are times in everyone's lives where they just need to escape. Whether caused by tragedy, stress, anger, or the fast-paced business that our society produces, finding some time alone to get lost in one's own thoughts is vital. A trip to the nearest lake or seashore can satisfy this desire whenever you need it, no matter how tragic, or trivial, the cause.

There is not much in this world as peaceful as walking along the ocean's shore, listening to the waves gently lapping at the beach. A desolate coastline can provide all the peace and quiet that a person may need. At night, laying in the sand and looking at the stars can help put you at ease. It can also be a very romantic and fulfilling experience to share with your spouse if the two of you are in need of a retreat from the ordinary.

A lakeshore can be just as relaxing. Watching the sun descend over the scintillating surface, listening to the birds call to each other and watching the fish jump and crash back down is truly a beautiful sight. My personal favorite is to lazily sail in circles at dusk as the wind gently pushes me along. Taking out a canoe or rowboat can provide the same, peaceful experience.

Whenever you need some time to think or just get away from it all, try and get yourself out on the water. Here, there are no emails to respond to, phones to answer, or strangers to interrupt your solace. It can be difficult to find the sheer natural beauty of our planet while bustling around in the city, but the water provides a gorgeous view that rarely changes and can help anyone find peace.