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Taking personal responsibilty for your health and fitness

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Personal Responsibility

I enjoy remembering a time my father took my brother Tim and me as kids out onto Leach Lake in Northern Minnesota. It was a beautiful summer vacation day. Tim and I were excited to get out on the big lake to fish. It was a beautiful day. Why then did dad have to ruin it by bringing all of the warm coats and rain gear? It was embarrassing. I remember complaining all the way to the boat. As soon as the bow of the boat left the harbor waves began to hit the boat with force. Though a sunny warm day, there was enough wind on large Leach Lake to cause big white cap waves, keeping each boater on guard so as to not capsize. Tim and I soon had each of those embarrassing coats tightly zipped up over our life jackets as we ducked under the covering of the boats bow to escape the wind, and cold water splashing up all around us.

Dad knew enough from shore that we would all need those coats. Preparation decisions were made on shore to meet future needs on the lake. Thanks dad! I did not know enough at the time to make the decision for myself. Someone else made it for me. “We’re bringing the coats!”

I often wonder if my moments of adult indecision are the child in me waiting for someone else to make the decision, for my dad to say “We’re bringing the coats”.

It is of course long past the time for me to take charge of the important matters of life. Waiting for someone else to step up and make decisions for me is not the way of maturity. I must make the decisions and move toward productive resolutions. That’s it, look ahead, see the white caps, and bring the coats. Years on from that wild day on the lake with Tim and dad it is my responsibility to personally take action in the direction of improvement. Of those issues awaiting my action, some are of little meaning while others carry weighted significance. Each however are mine to make.

How about you? In regards to fitness, have you taken responsibility for your own condition? Others can tell us to exercise (“Bring the coats!”) but we must make the move toward optimal health on our own. Make decisions today that will move you closer to greater health and fitness in the weeks ahead.. If you need some assistance, some motivation, I would love to help. I've got plenty of “coats”.

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  • Julie 5 years ago


    I really look forward to reading your newest articles when you post. I have to say I enjoyed this one greatly, and I plan on linking it somehow in my next one!

    Thanks for the continued motivation from 1300 miles away :)

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