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Taking one for the team...Surviving the chick flick....

A common couples date involves going to the theatre on Friday night to catch a new release on film. Flexibility also becomes common here, especially when an uncommon interest exists in the movie you’ve two have taken your seats to see. Though sometimes seen in a negative light by men, the romantic comedy and romantic drama can positively affect your relationship in many of the following ways.


I.Taking one for the team

You don’t have to show over the top excitement for watching her favorite romance film with her to win her approval and appreciation. Showing a sincere interest in the movie, its plot, and its characters will improve lines of communication and the strength of your relationship. One particular way to show interest involves an opinion sharing or question and answer session as the closing credits roll.


II.Built in dating advisor

Frequently in these flicks, there is a scene where the man of the main character’s interest has made a mistake that comes to a climactic point of costing him the relationship. Often, he will then partake on an epic quest to win back the love of the protagonist through various vehicles, such as an impromptu cross country trip, giving up something that meant a lot to him for her, or a showering of gifts as an apology. This portrayal can show you some otherwise unseen dos and donts of dating.


III.Seeing the other side

Because the main characters in these features are often female, the story is built from her point of view, showing a romantic relationship from her eyes and the values she places on its elements. This gives us guys insight into the thought process of the women we date, what certain actions mean, and why women act certain ways in certain situations.


This ability to be open to each other’s preferences including your respective DVD collections can either have the effect of glue or a band saw to your relationship. When caught in the crosshairs of her favorite chick flick, having an objective view can not only improve your appreciation for the romance genre, but it can also communicate to you some strategies of survival for your own relationship.



  • Shamontiel (Chicago Relationships Examiner) 5 years ago

    Good one. I don't see why it's so difficult for guys to watch chick flicks, especially when women are always devouring books men write about relationships. Steve Harvey's book got phenomenal success from women who just wanted to know what they were doing wrong. (Editor's note: 1) Fix this "you’ve two have taken"; 2) Elipses aren't usually used in titles; 3) Add a space after the periods by your Roman numbers (ex. III. Seeing the other side)

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