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Taking on a Greenway move

Adam Benjamin
Adam Benjamin
The DOT licensed Greenway Movers stops in San DIego fit to move green, and, plants a tree.

Chicago locals who move from the big Illinois city to SAn DIego do not have to take a deal that does not fit intheir plans to live green. Professional state to state movers at Greenway help the east coaszt locals lower the mvoe's impact on the ecology.

Before Greenway customers move, they hear a price quoted free, after a consultation with a moving coordinator that goes through the list of things a Chicago local needs to move 2,000 miles. Prices do not increase by weight.

The Americans moving can do their part putting a sto to moving waste build up. With 15 percent of Americans moving each year, Greenway repports, the moving waste grows across the country. Company professionals plan the move with the customer and show them how to make an ecological friendly move. WHen calls come in, they plan to send a customer over to Salvation Armmy or Goodwill to donate furniture, clothes, and food they no longer need, or want.

Movers handle the household things the Chicago local wants to move. No need to take a big couch off the moving list, and, leave it behind. THe movers disassemble furnniture and reassemble it after delivery.

Packing supplies can add up during a big cross country move. Greenway uses recycled materials. The bubble wrap, shrink wrap, and peanuts customers decide to put inthe boxes are not simply ignored. A company box-swap program gives csutoemrs the opportunity to hand over their used boxed to locals int he niehgborhood they move to.

Hot Spring weather in Chicago wakes up the green life Greenway wants to abound accross America. Low waste moves are just a start. Tree plantings keep the green work going.

Greenway partners with Plant-It 2020. The non-profit organization's Dollar-For-Tree program begun in 1992 gets trees planted in California. Each time Greenway moves a customer to San Diego, the company donates the dollar to Plant-It to have a 2 to 4 year old baby native tree planted in California or the Western region.

Each dollar donated pays for 85 cents worth of tree. Forested areas grow greener after Plant-It does their work. WOrldwide seedling plantings help forest ranges grow. Distance is not too big to handle. Trees go inthe ground in Washington and New York. And, in Mexico. Even as far as Nepal.

Moving work, with Plant-It's help, never goes to waste at Greenway. New San Diegans can join the green tree conservationists in town.

"Move with Greenway - Plant a Tree."

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