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Taking Multi-Tasking, Commerce & Diversity to New Heights

Nwanyioma pronounced “Why-Oh-Ma”, means “Pretty Good Woman”
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Upon meeting the dynamic and ever so talented Mellisa Lambert- Onyiriuka via a fellow colleague; interesting would be putting it mildly! So taking advantage a rare opportunity to converse with her has already proven to be what my Aunt D.D. would call “a wealth of gravy knowledge” blessing!
Mellisa is indeed a 21st Century Entrepreneur, Author, “Brand Specialist” with a unique product line happily married with a family and very involved in her community and affairs that affect our society as a whole. Originally from Kingston, Jamaica, she is currently based on the East Coast in the New Jersey region.
“Why is that important some would ask?” In order to further establish the proven fact that while someone may reside, work or play in specific areas, the vast realm of Entrepreneurial Business can literally span the globe, the Entrepreneurs may be firmly planted in one place. To add to this subject of proven success, all transaction scan take place via telephone and on-line.
Because our respective readers hail from all walks of life, academic and business levels it’s important for us to make it more detailed and plain as possible. Key example: “Mellisa Lambert and her amazing team, successfully conducts business worldwide, satisfies customer service questions and concerns and accepts payments on-line and follows up if and when necessary, via telephone or (you guessed it) on-line!”
The remarkable part about this is that there are more and more women and men, doing this than may be known. A great deal of it stems from the overall employment status, lack of job security, mangled, ineffective and definitely insecure finances being made available due to a number of reasons. Oh yes, and those of us who are simply sick and tired of working for others and stepping up to the proverbial plate to become our own bosses, with no ceiling for the amount of income that we’re allowed to make or keep.
But back to Melissa Lambert, financial security is very important to her but so is social change, love of community and family.” Whether it is her; “Affirm Yourself Daily” Designs by Mellisa Empowerment Line or first of many successful books: “Open Your Mouth and Speak: 365 Affirmations and Powerful Quotes” Or her latest venture, a real “game changer” at best. Melissa and her team broke the barrier by becoming the New Jersey launchers of the “ATM Global Solutions Pre-Paid Credit Cards.
To book Mellisa *Nwanyioma Onyiriuka, for Speaking Engagements, obtain more information about the “Affirm Yourself Daily- Designs by Mellisa”, her book “Open Your Mouth and Speak: 365 Affirmations and Powerful Quotes” or the ATM Global Solutions Pre-Paid Credit Cards”

(973) 741-6932


By the way, *Nwanyioma pronounced “Why-Oh-Ma”, means “Pretty Good Woman”

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