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Taking charge of your cyber realm to nourish the soul

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Bonnie Terry is a learning specialist headquartered in Granite Bay. She knows intimately how to properly assess learning disabilities and tackle such challenges through empowering strategies and practical techniques. More importantly, she has an understanding for the power of the human spirit to overcome obstacles in order to persevere.

Our hope lies in our God-given capacity to learn what it means to love and be loved – especially in a cyber-powered world that hypes hostility and hate.

In a recent conversation, she shared her perspective on creating a cyber realm that nourishes the soul.

“I tell my adult children you can make the internet and social media instruments of peace that nourish your soul,” she said. “On your Facebook or other social media page, ‘like’ those organizations and individuals that reflect your beliefs and values. You can like your church and other organizations that provide current events related to your faith. You can like the pages that encourage and uplift you. You can make your ‘news feed’ good news, all day long.”

And according to Terry when you are focusing on news feeds that reinforce the value of your relationship with God and family, it is possible to make your own heart and mind and your family a little church.

“You can make your home a little church for you and your children by customizing internet feeds to reflect your values and beliefs, and also take time to be present with one another and just BE together,” she said. “Step away from the devices and make time to be the ‘little church’.”

Bonnie’s Tip: Make a date with your family -- to play together & enjoy each other - just BE together. We all get so caught up in our busy-ness that we forget to just BE together. Spending time together in play is also a way to strengthen the family and our values, hopes, and dreams.

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