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Taking care

Caregivers are always being told to be sure they take care of themselves. Most of the time along with this statement is some suggestions or examples of how to take care of oneself. The problem is most caregivers in need of good self-care do not even recognize the sign of a problem until it is too late.
As a caregiver there isn’t enough time to sit down and take ones mental health temperature or to think about how much we’re are NOT doing for ourselves. Caregivers are overwhelmed and there is little diagnostic help for us; that is, until we are sick and in bed, in a hospital or worse.
There is an organization ready to help us figure out the problems and help us find a way to get help. One of the best tools they use is a guide for caregivers to determine if they are in need of some self-care. This is the website is monitored by the Family Caregiver Alliance and the information is free.
As a caregiver the ‘taking care of me’ is always being said however none of us have the time or the ability to see into the crystal ball and know what is around the corner. This is so important for both the people involved. A person needing care can become so frightened and over stress, if something happens to their caregiver, they may also need hospitalization; as this is their life line literally. And the caregiver is a human being and does have the usual illnesses and maladies just like everyone else.

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