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Taking care of the cargiver

Caregivers are frequently told to take a break or given a break by family and friends. However, when we are in the trenches of caregiving, it sometimes just plain stumps us, what to do or where to go with this sudden freedom. We have a bag packed to go to the beach, however today the weather is just not going to cooperate. We like the idea of going to a movie, however first thing is there is nothing on we want to see and second if we go to a dark theater we are afraid we may fall to sleep.

There have been times when family or friends have given us a coupon or gift certificate for a nice dinner, a stay at a Bed and Breakfast or a night at a Broadway Show and then dinner. It is just that many times we are just so darn tired and know we will not enjoy this time, even as a special treat. We are not good company for anyone else and yet we want to put this time to good use, as we so seldom get this opportunity.

Friends send many suggestions; sometimes even a great idea that works however there are those times when we are simply stumped as to what to do. It would be so nice to go to a place and be pampered. However, we don't even know where that would be.

Hold the phone; remember the spas of a few years ago, warm relaxing water, bath salts which seem to have such heavenly scents to them. And let's not forget the massage we can also have. This is a perfect get away and lends itself well to the spare of the moment gift of time. We can go there and spend an afternoon, have an early dinner or late lunch then go home to a good book or movie. Now we can get up tomorrow and face anything. We have spent some time rejuvenating our body, soul and gotten the much needed rest every caregiver should have. For more information on day spas and massages go to, latest issue has a complete article on the healing effects of water or hydrotherapy. Also, you can check in the telephone book under ‘spa’ or on the internet at and if the opportunity is for more time away, consider one of the resorts such as; just across the border in Canada or perhaps closer to home at . Whatever chosen this is the rest and relaxation for our body and mind so necessary for us to return to caregiving and maintaining our own health.

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