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Taking birth control pills may change sexual satisfaction, study suggests

Birth control pills linked to sexual satisfaction.
Birth control pills linked to sexual satisfaction.

It appears taking birth control pills does have an impact on your sexual satisfaction, so it may not be your lack of interest! New research from the universities of Stirling, Glasgow, Newcastle, Northumbria and Charles University in Prague suggests women’s sexual satisfaction can be influenced by birth control pills, according to the Association of Psychological Science (APS) on May 14. The study was published in Psychological Science.

The findings showed females who were taking the pill during the time they met their male partners reported greater sexual satisfaction in the long-term relationship than females who started taking the pill during the relationship. Additionally, females who did not take the pill also reported greater sexual satisfaction.

The confusion is the birth control pill continuance or the lack thereof. Thus, when a woman is taking birth control pills before and during a heterosexual relationship, she may report greater sexual satisfaction. This reported ‘greater sexual satisfaction’ also applies to a woman who does not take birth control pills before and during a heterosexual relationship. It is the woman who either began or stopped taking the birth control pills who reported less sexual satisfaction.

The birth control pill’s influence on sexual satisfaction levels appears to be linked to the change in usage. The lead researcher noted previous studies showed hormonal contraceptives such as birth control pills slightly changed the females’ preferences in male partners. Previous research also showed that when a female discontinued the birth control pills during a relationship, the females found their partners less attractive.

Many females choose not to take birth control pills for birth control measures citing either physical or emotional reasons. In these cases, there are alternatives available for the heterosexual couple. The birth control responsibility and family planning falls on both partners, not only the female. It is advised both the male and female choose the best options for them.