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Taking Advantage of the Latest HVAC Technology in Association with Smartphones

Our lives are becoming easier as the technology continues to get better with time. Communication is not the only area where technology has given us huge benefits but the recent progress in HVAC technology has made our heating and air conditioning appliances much more benefitting for us too. More and more improved products are entering the market every day and taking the HVAC technology to new heights. You will not think of your air conditioning and heating units the way you used to think about them before. For example, take a look at the modern thermostats – they are not even close to what thermostats were in the past.

The thermostats of today look more like your smartphones and tablets. They are touchscreen and allow you to program them within seconds with the touch of your fingers. They are programmable so you can feed in commands in advance. This feature will turn on your air conditioner just before you enter the house after a long working day at the office. In addition to that, this particular thermostat allows you to control it from big distances. You can use your smartphone, tablet or other handheld device to change the settings on this type of thermostat. For instance, you can look at Honeywell Wi-Fi Vision Pro 8000 Programmable on

If you have had enough of the electricity bills and want to try something new in your life, you might want to consider the new solar powered air conditioning systems. The rising price of electricity is a problem all over the world. As the temperature continues to rise, the prices of electricity are going up fast too. Solar panel air conditioning systems have emerged as a great cost effective solution in this situation. These systems are perfect not only for homes but also for commercial settings. These systems are best for regions that have more sunny days in a year than cloudy.

Another amazing advancement in HVAC world is the application of magnets for cooling. This effect is named as the magnetocaloric and it has been discovered more than a century ago. However, the application of magnetocaloric effect has only recently been put to good use in air conditions. The result of a magnetocaloric effect is that when magnetic materials are brought in the magnetic field a rise in their temperature is observed. The reverse effect takes place when the magnetic field is removed from the magnetic materials. This effect is now being used in modern air conditioners to reduce the energy costs of HVAC systems.

Among all these great appliances comes the portable air conditioner. Who would have thought that there will be a time when we’ll have portable air conditioners? A lot manufacturers are coming up with their portable air conditioners. They look great and the best thing is that many of them can act as dehumidifiers as well. These air conditioners are perfect for large rooms and halls as well. However, you must know their maximum power and the energy they will consume before you buy them. These air conditioners can be as lightweight as 70lbs.

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