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Taking a look back at Kirby's artiest adventures

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The Kirby franchise has been two things to Nintendo. The first is an accessible platformer for all ranges of gamers. The second is its experimental nature. Half of the Kirby games follow the same tried and true formula, while the other half travels down oddball roads. In celebration of Kirby’s newest game on the 3DS, Triple Deluxe, let’s take a tour down the pink puffball’s artsiest adventures.

Kirby’s Dreamland 3: This game came out way after the SNES’ golden age in 1997. By this time the Nintendo 64 and PlayStation had already launched with graphics far “superior” to 16-Bit. However, like Yoshi’s Island, KD3 used crayon aesthetics for its world. It was missed by many gamers back then, but it holds up stronger today than a lot of N64 and PS1 titles.

Kirby’s Canvas Curse: This was one of the first Nintendo developed games to showcase the DS’ true touchscreen capabilities. In it Kirby gets morphed into a ball and glides along stages thanks to players who can construct lines for the pink hero to follow. Draw a diagonal line going up a platform and Kirby will follow. It’s hard to get used to and definitely doesn’t hold up as well compared to other Kirby games, but it’s ingenuity in design still makes it worth a look.

Kirby’s Epic Yarn: This is Kirby’s weirdest, most gorgeous, and easiest adventures yet. Taking the first two points, this game is constructed out of yarn much like Little Big Planet’s empathies on cardboard and other household materials. As to the difficulty, well, players can’t literally die. They can loose jewels that can harm the level’s score, but Kirby will never die. It’s accessible to kids, significant others, grandparents, etc. It may not be his greatest adventure, but it’s by far his most unique quest yet and truly a work of art.

For a look at all three games in video form, check out ReActionExaminer.


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