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Taking a look at the future of Chrysler


Last week, Chrysler gave the media and consumers a look at the company's future. Today, we show you the future of the Chrysler brand, with a huge assist from's blog, Kicking Tires.

2010: In 2010, Chrysler will launch a Sport edition for the 300 sedan, a Fashion edition for the Town & Country minivan, a Final edition for the outgoing PT Cruiser retro-mobile, and an Ocean edition for the Sebring mid-size sedan. All should be on sale early next year.

The Sebring also gets redesigned, and gets a new engine in the process. Expected on-sale date is the end of 2010. Same goes for the Town & Country, which will also go on sale at the end of 2010.

2011: A redesigned Chrysler 300 hits the streets, going on sale in early 2011.

2012-2013: Four new models: A subcompact, compact, mid-size sedan, and mid-size crossover will be produced. All will be based on Fiat platforms.

2014: The Town & Country will be completely redesigned.

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  • tom polcari 5 years ago

    I know first hand that the Chrysler/ Fiat people are working around the clock to provide the public with redesigned and greatly improved models. Some will be in showrooms as early as next year. I couldn't wait, so I bought five new Chrysler products this year- 3 Jeeps and 2 Dodge trucks...And, you know what- They're real, and, they're spectacular!