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Taking a limo from Patagonia to Alaska

Most of us have taken a long road trip, but Lucas Cardenas and Florencia Bratovich have taken the idea of a road trip to a new level. This pair of adventurers started their journey two years ago in Patagonia, Argentina, and are driving all the way north to Alaska. Having owned a limousine company in Argentina, they chose to ride in style with a 1989 Cadillac stretch limo. They outfitted the car with everything they needed for a long trip: a bed, small stove, and even a kitchen sink. The goal was not to make it to Alaska as fast as possible, but rather to sight-see and make friends along the way. Lucas is a writer and Flor is a photographer, and they have been documenting every stage of their trip with photos and film. They have over 7,000 followers on Facebook, and have a website as well.

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Steve Natale
A long ride in a Limousine
Steve Natale

I caught up with them in San Jose last Saturday at a local gathering of vintage cars known as Ronnie’s Morning Get Together. I have been following their trip for some time, and ran over to meet them as Lucas guided the long limo into a parking spot. I introduced myself, and told them how much I liked what they were doing, and that I was following them on Facebook. “I think we are becoming very famous now!” Lucas said to me. After traveling through 16 countries in a giant Cadillac, someone is bound to take notice. The car is hard to miss. “America Si Limites” (America Unlimited) is the official name of the venture, and is written on the car along with “Patagonia to Alaska”. The trunk lid is plastered with stickers of places they have visited, and the sight of Argentinean license plates is rare in the U.S. Lucas and Florencia have made many friends along the way, and after meeting them I know why. Not only are they really friendly people, they represent a very real spirit of adventure and freedom that most people can only dream about. Leaving everything behind and driving an old Cadillac across two continents just for fun is inspiring, making us think what we really want to do, see, and experience. Like Lucas says “You only have one chance, one life!”