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Taking a break from school

Learn new skills
Learn new skills
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It's your senior year of high school and most people are talking about going to college. It's as if it's an expectation for everyone. But is it for you? Maybe not. For some people going to college after high school is the best choice. For others, it's not. It doesn't mean you will never go to college. Wondering what the benefits would be of waiting a year or two?

  1. Maturity: As a college professor, students who had worked a few years and had experienced life a little more did better in my classes. Those students knew what they wanted, and knew how to learn better. Those students also wanted that college degree a little more than most of the other students, so it meant more to them.
  2. Money: If you don't want to go in debt, do what Ramsey would say - get a job, spend as little as possible, and save your money. In the end, you will probably owe less because you won't be paying back student loans forever.
  3. Time to decide: If you really don't know what you want to do after college, spend some time working in different fields. You might find that you are good at a career you never considered. You also might find an employer willing to help with college expenses.
  4. Military: The military is a good place to learn various skills and to learn leadership. At the same time, the military will help you with college expenses.

So, college might be your best choice, and it might not. It's your decision!

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