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Taking a bite out of 'Shark Week' on Discovery Channel

If all your information about sharks is based on the 1975 movie “Jaws,” a shark thriller directed by Steven Spielberg, you’re only scratching the surface. There’s a scene in the film where a marine biologist, Matt Hooper, tells the Police Chief there are all kinds of sharks. That is what you’re about to find out in the Discovery Channel’s yearly summer presentation of ‘Shark Week’ that started Sunday.

A shark at Lisboa Oceanário.
Bobo Boom via Wikimedia Commons

Ever since 1988Shark Week” presents anything and everything to do with shark awareness, breaking old myths, stating only facts, and other fun trivia. It is both informative and entertaining. In recent years it has become shark programming entertainment, much like what History Channel, TLC, and other similar networks have evolved into. This adds up to bigger ratings. Last year the week-long series brought in a total of over 30 million viewers.

Starting at 8 p.m. this week you’ll learn about the giant hammerhead shark in the episode “Monster Hammerhead.” Find out more on alien sharks that live deep in the ocean, several programs devoted to the great white shark (depicted in “Jaws”), and updated information on a mammoth shark, or Megalodon, that killed everyone on board a vessel in South Africa in 2013.

After the primetime shows end each night, there’s “Shark After Dark,” a late-night live talk show to discuss anything shark related with shark experts and fascinated celebrities. One topic of concern that will be up for discussion is the recent shark attacks in idyllic Hawaii. Kala Alexander is a renowned surfer and Hawaiian native who know the waters better than anyone. Be sure to stay tuned to find out what he has to say

Each year “Shark Week” is hosted by a celebrity or several who take turns. This year Rob Lowe will guide you into the deep shark infested waters, in the comfort of your home, naturally.

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