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Taking a back seat in your own car? Not a good sign in dreams!

If a dreamer takes a back seat in her own car or relinquishes control to someone she barely knows, as today’s dreamer did, caution is called for. Notice how the tone of her dream changes when she asserts her feelings.

Taking a backseat in your dreams may not offer the same experience as riding in a chauffeur-driven limousine.  Be careful of giving the wheel to a stranger!
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Dear Carolyn,

I have been living on my own for over a year now. It’s good because my dad died and my mom couldn’t really afford to feed me. The hard part is that I can’t always afford to feed myself! I have two pretty good jobs and pay my rent on time every month, but my diet is mostly cereal and milk, mac and cheese and Top Ramen! Not so good.

I have met a new friend at one of my jobs, “Cindy,” and we are talking about becoming roommates. It would definitely help me to have someone share the rent and buy the groceries. We are about the same age, but she is married, and they aren’t getting along. So she needs a place to stay for a little while so she can think things over.

Last night I dreamed that Cindy was driving my car and I was riding in the back seat. She seemed careless and I was concerned about her driving. So I did some backseat driving of my own. I warned her to look out for a curb and watch out when another car came too close. She didn’t like my directions very much at first. But soon we both relaxed and she drove us to a nice old foreign looking town. We stopped there and had a good time.


Riding Around with Cindy at the Wheel

Dear Riding,

Your dream offers two powerful metaphors that demand your attention. Taking a back seat speaks clearly to the idea of putting yourself in the background in a relationship. You do not say your exact age, but assuming you are quite young, perhaps it is normal to step back and observe how someone more worldly, a married woman, does things. But the fact that you let her drive you – your car – can be worrisome. Generally, it is not a good idea to let someone else run your life, especially someone you know so little about!

Still, you speak up for yourself when you feel uncomfortable with how things are going. That is important for you to remember, Dear Dreamer. Your dream suggests that when you assert yourself, Cindy will respond in such a way that you both can relax and be comfortable.

You wind up in a place you are both unfamiliar with, the foreign town. The implication is that you both will learn some things you did not expect to learn and enjoy the ride as you do. This bodes well for your time with Cindy so long as you watch the road closely and make your feelings known. Just because you let her drive this time, doesn’t mean it’s OK to let her run your life!

Sweet Dreams to You!

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