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Takeaway Tuesday: IHOP

Simple & Fit
Simple & Fit

Breakfast as we have all heard is the most important meal of the day but some of the choices can be a bit taxing on our diets. If you have ever been to an IHOP on a Saturday or Sunday morning you will see that Americans take their pancakes very seriously. Still it takes a strong will to walk into this establishment without ordering a stack of pancakes with melted butter and syrup dripping from every angle. With all this mind IHOP has taken away the guess work and has added to their regular line up a SIMPLE & FIT menu.
No worries you won’t have to sacrifice the pancakes or omelettes you love because they have trimmed those down for you.

SIMPLE & FIT Blueberry Harvest Grain 'N Nut® Combo, 560 calories.
Blueberry Harvest Grain 'N Nut® pancakes served with slices of fresh banana, along with scrambled egg substitute.

SIMPLE & FIT Vegetable Omelette, 330 calories.
Fresh spinach, mushrooms, onions and Swiss cheese, topped off with diced tomatoes, comes with mixed fruit, usually whatever types are in season in your area.

SIMPLE & FIT Two-Egg Breakfast, 350 calories.
Scrambled egg substitute, two strips of turkey bacon, whole wheat toast, served with a mix of fruits that are in season.

Still not convinced that you can enter into an IHOP without suffering an epic fail? Then follow these easy tips (consider it your cheat sheet), when ordering from the regular menu.

Switch from regular eggs and order whites or egg substitute.
Since the omelettes are automatically made with cheese, ask your server to hold it. Also, ask for fruit instead of the side of pancakes that are normally served with your omellete.
Request that they give you sugar free syrup.
Skip the butter and the added powdered sugar that your pancakes, waffles or French toast come with.

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