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Take your writing on the road during Bike to Work Month

At left, a breakfast station on Bike to Work Day 2006. At right, a bilingual pamphlet for Bike to Work Day for the same year.
At left, a breakfast station on Bike to Work Day 2006. At right, a bilingual pamphlet for Bike to Work Day for the same year.
Photo by "Rob!" shared on Flickr under a CC BY 2.0 license. Pamphlet by DRCOG at the suggestion of Richard Masoner, who has shared it on Flickr under a CC BY-SA 2.0 license.

Check your tires and grease up your chains, writers of Boulder--Bike to Work Month is upon us!

Organized by the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) and as part of the WayToGo program, every June is Bike to Work Month in the greater Denver area. The main event of the season is Bike to Work Day, celebrated on the 4th Wednesday in June with group rides and challenges, free breakfast stations along common commutes, and other initiatives motivating locals to get out of their cars and onto their bicycles. But the weeks leading up to the big day are not without event. For instance, every Wednesday from May 21 until Bike to Work Day is Bike to Work Wednesday.

Guess what day today is?!

You're not too late to participate. And you don't need to have a traditional 9-5 office job to join in. If you're normally a work-at-home writer, consider taking your work-in-progress out on the road to your favorite coffee shop, tap room, library, or co-working location. Just do it by bike, and you're good to go.

The first step is to register with WayToGo via the 2014 Bike to Work Wednesdays portal. Visit the Bike to Work Wednesdays portal, linked above, and click the button that says "Track Your Rides." Or simply click here. You'll be prompted to login--you can create a login using your email address, or you can connect via Facebook.

Once you're logged in and viewing your desktop, you'll be able to log your trips. You can use the "Start" and "Destination" forms to get a recommended bike routes and their more-or-less exact mileage, along with estimates of how long the trip will take and how many calories you'll burn on the way. Jot down that mileage and take it with you back to your dashboard, where you can use the "Log Your Trip" interface to do just that. Click on the day of your trip on the calendar, select One Way or Round Trip, then fill in the departure time (and return time, if it's round trip), distance traveled or to be traveled (if round trip, you'll still enter the mileage for the one-way journey), and mode of travel.

Mode of travel? Isn't that going to be "bike" every time? Not necessarily--your WayToGo Dashboard can be used to track all of your trips, whether you drive alone, ride in a carpool, walk, bike, or "Telework / Skip the Trip." (That last category will be of especial interest to writers who work from home. "Here's the drive across town I could have made to go to that downtown cafe, but I decided to stay home and work from my kitchen table. Check out how much money I saved!") Bike to Work Wednesday is only one of many programs you can participate in.

But since you're participating in Bike to Work Wednesdays, you'll be happy to hear that you can win prizes! According to the Bike to Work Wednesdays website...

  • Weekly winners will receive a BikeDenver prize package including:

  • Denver B-Cycle membership

  • BikeDenver T-Shirt *Annual AAA Colorado membership

  • Grand prize winners will receive one of the following prizes:

  • Electra Cruiser Bike from Bicycle Village

  • $50 Gift Cards from Bicycle Village

  • Denver B-Cycle Primal Jersey

Lastly, if you only bike to work one Wednesday through the season, make it June 25. Join a group ride, or just leave a little early so you have time to visit a station on the way. Here's a list of all stations in Boulder who'll serve you a bite or a sip on that day to help fuel your human-powered commute. Breakfast stations will be open from 6:30-9:00 a.m., while stations serving your ride home will be open from 4:30-6:30 p.m. Don't miss the bike party at the Boulder Farmer's Market!

Important note: WayToGo/Bike to Work Wednesdays and Bike to Work 2014 are two separate entities as far as logins go. If you've registered to log your Wednesday bike commutes at WayToGo, you will still need to create a login for Bike To Work Day if you want to...

  • Order a participant T-shirt!
  • Join a company team! (e.g. day job, co-working community, volunteer location...)
  • Invite a friend to participate!
  • Save group rides, stations and events to your dashboard!

Weather and equipment permitting, we'll see you on the ride!

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