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Take your workout outside

take it outside!!
take it outside!!

Ahh, spring is in the air... Actually, it's here already isn't it?  With longer, sunny days ahead of us, it's time to take our workouts outdoors for some fresh air, vitamin D and a change of scenery.

Winter months tend to bring the couch potato out in us, but what's better than getting outside and moving?  You will feel more energized after soaking up all the sun!

Here are some ideas:

* Take it to the trails and run!  Your average calorie burn is 150 for 30 minutes.  Try to run in the morning or evening, never at the hottest part of the day.  Pick cooler surfaces such as grass, dirt trails or light colored pavement.

* Swimming is a fantastic summer workout - it'll keep you cool and refreshed as you burn those calories!  Remember to wear goggles is you're swimming for an extended amount of time.

* Grab those rollerblades and tone those legs!  An average calorie burn for 30 minutes of rollerblading is 400.  Just be sure to wear your knee and elbow pads as well as a helmet.

* Grab a partner or join your nearest tennis team and play a few sets of tennis!  This great cardio workout includes running, squatting and jumping and burns an average of 300 calories for 30 minutes.

* Riding your bike over bridges, up hills and through trails is a great way to blast calories and tone legs.  Your average calorie burn for 30 minutes is 200.

With whatever activity you choose, try to switch it up - canoeing, basketball and outdoor boot camps will also keep active and healthy.  Be sure to wear sunscreen, pick a waterproof or sport variety and reapply every hour or so.  Also, stay hydrated, drink water before, after and during your workouts.

Exercising outdoors is a fantastic way to add variety to your weekly routine and take advantage of the beautiful weather at the same time.  Get outside and get moving - summer is almost here!


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