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Take your skin from so-so to ooh-la-la

With 12 years of experience Skin Care Professional Leah Chavie, who owns Leah Chavie Skincare Boutique in Chicago's Lincoln Park, can help you look dewy, natural and fresh for a lifetime. The feng shui-inspired boutique can take your skin from so-so to ooh-la-la after just one trip to the spa.

More than 30 different services are offered but it is the Biologique Facial Remodeling (a.k.a. Facial Pilates) from France that is why this boutique is taking Chicago and the nation by storm.

Facial Remodeling using Biologique is only available in New York, Paris, Moscow and in Chicago’s Leah Chavie. This is one of only two skincare boutiques in the nation with a Remodeling Face Machine created by Biologique Recherche. This amazing treatment uses state of the art bio-electrotherapy for a tailored beauty experience.

It's a long way to travel from Southern California and San Diego, for sure, but oh, is this treatment worth it. Biologique Facial Remodeling counts among its fans stars, such as Jennifer Connelly and Kyra Sedgwick.

Not to mention, Leah Chavie is a miracle worker. She will send you back into that big city and back to Cali for that matter with glowing, healthy, radiant skin plus, confidence too boot.

So, next time a trip to Chicago is on the horizon, pick up that phone and make an appointment to visit Leah Chavie Skincare Boutique and make your skin feel ahhh-mazing after you take it back to its roots and let's your natural beautiful beauty shine through.