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Take your preschoolers on a spring walk

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When warmer weather brings spring, it is time to take your preschoolers on a nature walk. You can start by focusing on the five senses.
With an individual or a group of preschoolers, you can talk about listening with our ears, smelling with our noses, feeling with our skin, tasting with our mouths, and seeing with our eyes. You can have a checklist with icons for each sense. For example, at the top of the hearing checklist, you can put an icon of an ear. At the top of the sight checklist, you can put an icon of an eye.
On each checklist, you can have three wide columns. The first column can have picture icons. The second column can have empty squares for check marks made of crayons, chalk, or stickers. The last column can have the word of the picture icon. For example, the first row of the Sight checklist might have a picture of a pinecone with a blank square box where the preschooler can put a check mark whenever a pinecone is found. The last column of the row will have the word, “pinecone.”
What a great way for preschoolers to have a spring scavenger hunt outside!