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Take your life back!

Don't be afraid to take your life back
Don't be afraid to take your life back

I remember a time I was so overwhelmed with life, that I wanted to just walk away from it all. I am a wife and a mother of three beautiful children. I am also a college student, three time Cancer Survivor, writer and a business owner. I have also been known to rebuild a Youth Ministry or two or three, as well as teach praise dance and volunteer when needed. When it comes to school activities I am Mother of the Year, always there, always helping.

This is just an inside look to what a day in my world looks like and that still does not include the death, illnesses, or plain craziness of friends, extended family, and clients. So with all this going on, you are probably thinking, no wonder you wanted to walk away. I was giving so much of myself to others that I did not even have time for a bubble bath, or to really sit down and enjoy a meal. People were taking as much as I was giving and I was burnt out. I realized that I was not spending nearly enough time loving Darlene.

There were things in life that I wanted to enjoy. I needed to spend time doing things that would make Darlene vibrant, I needed to start putting me first. The first thing I did was have a sit down with my family. I let them know that I love them dearly, but I was a person

with desires and dreams before they came along. I explained that even though they are my responsibility, my first responsibility is to God and then I run a close second. I needed them to understand that I am no good to them if I am bitter and angry, so time for myself is needed to recharge.

Second thing I did was make business hours and I stick to them. I give myself off days and vacations where there is no phone or computer. Lastly I got back to being me, I began taking girls trips and self dating. I give a great percentage of myself to others, I realized that taking a little bit for myself would not end the world.

When you get ready to make this change, everyone is not going to respect it. The children will whine, the husband may complain, some of the clientele may leave, and some church members may try to use the Bible to make you feel guilty. That is okay, it comes along with the territory, but you have to realize that a happy and healthy you is more important and beneficial to your cause than those who want to gripe. Every human person needs “me time”.

Lock your bedroom or bathroom door for some quiet time. I promise your family will be there when you come out and in the long run they will be happy with the results.

Turn off the electronics and stop being a slave to them:

. The clientele you really need and that benefit your business will be there when you turn them back on.

Get back to celebrating you:

The truth is God only gave us this one life to live on this earth and no one can

duplicate your life, your smile, or your destiny. You are special and that is definitely

something to celebrate.

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