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Take Your Lashes and Brows to the Next Level with Wink Natural Cosmetics

Wink Natural Cosmetics Eyebrow and Eyelash Enhancer
Wink Natural Cosmetics Eyebrow and Eyelash Enhancer
(c) Wink Natural Cosmetics / Beautypress Media Photo

Wink Natural Cosmetics is one of the few company startups out of MIT. They were even named one of Inc Magazine's “Coolest College Startups of 2014.” The brand works hard at solving women's hardest beauty problems with real science and natural ingredients. Their first product was released in July 2013 was a natural eyelash and eyebrow growth enhancer. Their second was a 2-in-1 brightening and anti-aging eye cream that's made with gold peptides. It's currently in its testing stages and schedule for a Fall 2014 release date.

Megan, the founder, was tired of having to spend hundreds of dollars and countless hours at the salon getting lash extensions. Not only was she wasting money and time, but they were making her real lashes permanently shorter. Megan started trying lash growth serums in order to fight those issues, but ran into two problems: they came with scary side effects like turning blue eyes brown, and the serums without side effects didn't even work. She decided to make her own product that was both safe for use and actually effective. That's how Wink was born!

Wink works with your natural lash and brow growth cycle to stimulate growth in dormant follicles, while strengthening the lashes and brows that you currently have. During testing trials, Wink shown to increase eyelash fullness by up to 20 percent (60 lashes!) in 100 percent of participants. Also, eyelashes increased by up to 20 percent in length due to Wink's conditioning effects. They've also shown to regrow eyebrows in patches where brows had stop growing previewing because of over-plucking.

Wink is hypoallergenic, minimally processed and free of Parabens, prostaglandins, hormones, phthalates, sulfates, GMOs, synthetic fragrances and synthetic dyes.