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'Take Your Dog to Work Day' to be celebrated on Friday

Austen and I are on our way to work; today we will be writing about Jupiter's Dog Beach.

Pet Sitters International created "Take Your Dog to Work Day" 16 years ago as a way "to celebrate the great companions dogs make and to encourage their adoptions." It's always celebrated on the Friday after Father's Day.

And for those who treasure the beautiful grace and companionship of the felines, PSI took that into consideration also; the entire week leading up to that day is "Take Your Pet to Work Week."

Although many businesses like Amazon, Procter & Gamble, Google, and Zynga encourage their employees to bring their canine friends, most places do abide by certain standards so dog and human are always safe and happy. Perhaps this is the first year your organization is hosting the great event. Here are some suggestions:

  • Dogs should be leashed unless kept in the person's office or confined working area.
  • Use a baby gate to keep your dog from escaping and going to unwelcome or dangerous areas.
  • Bathrooms and dining rooms should be kept "dog free."
  • Have an alternate plan if your dog doesn't like being at the office.
  • Don't forget leashes, treats, bowls, food, and water.

According to USA Today, Julie Franklin, P&G Communications specialist states:

"Having pets in the office boosts morale. It's a definite stress-reliever. It makes our employees healthier and calmer, which means they're much more productive."

We all know that having a dog can improve our health by getting us out there to exercise. Statistics prove that 62% of dog and cat owners get more exercise than folks who don't have pets, and 81% of pet owners cite their pets help to alleviate stress. highlighted 11 companies that have embraced bosses and employees bringing their dogs regularly to work. These pet friendly workplaces range from IT consulting to the world's largest china retailer located in Greensboro, N.C. In Detroit, at Village Green, a property management company, employees are paid $25 to participate in events and an auction. The proceeds are then donated to a local shelter. Last year, the company raised $5,500 and convinced eight employees to adopt dogs.

Need more information about this fun event and how to get in on it today? Click here for their Facebook page, or click here for a download to get your canine side moving.

Have fun everyone and hope to see a lot of dogs "hardly working" this week.

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