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Take your beer home with Crafty Carton

Crafty Carton
Crafty Carton
Crafty Carton

You just tried this amazing beer at a local dining/drinking establishment. Your senses are overwhelmed with joy and you would love to take some home for later consumption. The beer, you discover, is sold only on tap so it cannot be purchased in a store. You would love to continue this experience, but you would rather consume from the comfort of your personal living quarters and enjoy the beer at your leisure. What can you do?

Take it Home!:

The obvious answer to your dilemma is to simply package up the beer, settle the tab, and walk out the door. Some places have growlers available for sale to customers and they can purchase what they want at any time. But growlers and other containers can shatter and are sometimes large and awkward to fill and transport back and forth, not to mention often rather costly.

The Solution:

There is a simple but new innovation that can benefit both consumers and businesses. It is called Crafty Carton; a disposable, two pint paper carton that is environmentally friendly (carries the mark of the Forest Stewardship Council) and ready to use. It can be purchased with the standard Crafty Carton logo, but business owners can customize it with their own brand/business name. The packaging can be branded any way a business owner likes and with the company name and logo openly displayed, Crafty Carton can serve as a form of advertisement, leading to increased exposure and sales.

Consumer Benefits:

How does the consumer win with Crafty Carton? Well, the obvious initial benefit is a means to quickly purchase extra beer to take home. This is great when you find a beer that really has your taste buds in a state of bliss but you do not want to consume any more beer at the moment, due to legitimate worries such as driving and other concerns.

Side benefits of Crafty Carton include a biodegradable container made from renewable materials and the elimination of worries over breakage. It also means not having to wash out a glass growler, which can often prove difficult due to the small opening. On the negative side, Crafty Carton can be used only once and each time a beer catches your attention, it will mean purchasing another carton.

Bottom Line:

In summary, I like the Crafty Carton idea in concept. It is great when you want to take some beer home with you and don’t want to commit to purchasing a glass growler. It encourages responsibility, too, because it means fewer individuals will over- consume. They will choose instead to package up those extra pints and take them back to the safe confines of home.

Businesses have many reasons to like Crafty Carton. Not only will it help encourage customer responsibility, it also serves as a form of advertising and could help boost revenues by encouraging take- out sales. Certain businesses in Houston and other areas of Texas will be limited in their use of Crafty Carton due to state laws, but it will be perfectly valid in other places. Even a state like Texas would allow a container like this in certain instances, depending on the type of business.

I have not yet used a Crafty Carton, but my main concern is the taste of the beer. Glass can shatter, yes, but it also offers excellent taste protection for any liquid it touches. Would Crafty Carton offer the same protection or would the composition of the package affect the taste of the beer? It is difficult to say without first trying some beer poured from one of these packages. If Crafty Carton alters the taste in any way, this innovation could have an even shorter shelf life than the beer contained within.

Anything that helps bring great craft beer into my home is welcome news, but the verdict is still out on the overall usefulness of Crafty Carton. If it doesn’t change the taste of the beer and is reasonably priced, it could very well become a household name and revolutionize the take- out beer industry. But anything short of these minimal requirements will bring a quick end to the milk carton- shaped Crafty Carton beer receptacle. Check the company web site and judge for yourself.

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