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Take-Two won’t annualize ‘Grand Theft Auto’ after ‘GTA 5’ success, says CEO

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What do you think? Tell us in the comments below.
Rockstar Games

Despite the incredible success of Rockstar Games sandbox juggernaut Grand Theft Auto 5, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick reinforced that the game’s publisher wouldn’t be annualizing the franchise, according to a report today from VG 24/7.

In an interview with MCV-UK, Zelnick said Take-Two’s goal is to build “permanent franchises,” leading fans of titles like GTA 5 anticipating the next in the series instead of expecting a new game each year, like Call of Duty.

“It is great that consumers anticipate our titles, like they anticipate the next James Bond film. Our goal is to create permanent franchises,” Zelnick said.

Take-Two works on offering fans of one of the GTA titles additional content after the original release –– in the past with what Zelnick called “catalogue versions” and now with DLC.

“We’ve talked about recurrent consumer spending, where we have offerings where fans can engage and spend money on an on-going basis,” Zelnick said.

Specifically, Zelnick pointed toward the success of GTA 5 –– which has sold 32.5 million units to date –– and its free-to-play online multiplayer GTA Online –– of which 70 percent of game owners have played –– as examples of keeping consumers occupied without the need for a new title in the series on a yearly basis.

“And recurrent consumer spending related to GTA Online represented nearly half of our digitally delivered revenue in the quarter,” Zelnick said. “So people are voting that they want to stay engaged and they are voting with their wallets.”

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