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Take turns dating your significant other

First dates are fun. You get all excited and butterflies start to flutter in your stomach. You get dressed up and do your hair. You make sure to look your best. You have to! First impressions are everything! If you want this to go anywhere, you have to make sure everything goes well. But what do you do after things go well? How do you maintain the fun and excitement in dating your significant other? And who should be responsible for planning those dates? Instead of pointing the finger at your partner, take turns dating your significant other.

Take turns dating each other.
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Oftentimes the responsibility of planning date night is on the man. Women tend to whine and complain because their husband or boyfriend won't take them out. But instead of nagging your sweet honey love muffin until you get your way or complaining to your friend (who can't do anything about the situation) why not try planning a night out yourself? It's pretty selfish and unrealistic to expect one particular person in the relationship to be responsible for maintaining the relationship. And believe it or not, date night is a big part of maintaining your relationship. Date night is crucial when it comes to staying connected with your partner.

Every couple can easily get stuck in a rut. And if you make enough excuses, you can eventually find yourself not going out at all and no longer investing time and energy into your relationship. But don't let that happen to you. If you're not usually the one planning the dates. Then now is your turn! Take turns planning dates. Try to have date night every week, at least once a week. And just spend some quality time together. And remember, date night doesn't have to mean an expensive meal at a fancy restaurant. Date night can be anything where you are spending time together and giving each other your undivided attention. It could be hiking, going to a play, playing a board game, or playing basketball. You could even have date night at home!

Whatever you decide to do, just make sure you do it faithfully and consistently. Make sure you are doing something you both will enjoy. Don't become selfish about it. Take turns trying something one of you will enjoy. But also try something new every once in awhile! Just remember to invest in your relationship because you always want to make time for what matters most.

So what do you think? Should you take turns dating each other?

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