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Take time to make your home cast safe

Think of my safety
Think of my safety
Karla Kinby

By nature kittens and cats are energetic and inquisitive, but these adorable qualities can lead them straight into serious trouble unless you take pre-emptive measure. Don’t ever forget that your kitty has a much lower vantage point than you, and like a baby who has just begun to crawl, he/she may be automatically attracted to things you may not even notice.

It's virtually impossible to completely cat-proof your home against mishaps, but for your cat's health and safety, here are some suggestions:

Securely screen each and every window to help prevent falls. Keep your cat off upper porches, balconies, and high decks.

Tuck away poisonous materials such as household cleaners, cosmetics and medicines. Keep these in securely closed areas where your cat cannot get contact. Remember, cats are dexterous, intelligent and inquisitive little creatures and have been known to open cabinets and doors with a swift, dexterous paw.

Remove all poisonous houseplants or place them in hanging baskets totally our of your cat's reach. Ask your veterinarian for a complete list of dangerous plants. Some indoor and outdoor plants which are poisonous to cats include: Amaryllis, Ivy (most types), Azalea, Lilies (all types), Buckeye, Mistletoe, Castor Bean, Morning Glory,
Clematis, Narcissus, Corn Plant, Oleander, Cyclamen, Philodendron (all types), Daffodil
Poinsettia, Daphne, Precatory Bean, Dumb Cane (all types), Rhododendron, Foxglove
Rubber Plant, Holly, Weeping Fig, Iris and Yews

Keep those toilet lids down. Cats may elect to play in the water and the lid could slam shut and trap them. Don’t forget residual toilet bowl cleanser left in the bowl is harmful if swallowed.

Store plastic bags where your cat can't get inside them and suffocate or chew or tear them and swallow bits of plastic.

Cut up and discard plastic six-pack beverage holders to thwart your cat from getting tangled in them. This will protect feral cats that may unintentionally come across them too. This also goes for those rings on gallons of milk.
Keep uncovered electrical cords as short as possible, or tack them securely against a baseboard so that your feline can't play with or chew them.

Store all craft and sewing supplies out of your kitty’s reach: Needles, pins, snaps, buttons, and thread can hurt his/her mouth or internal organs if swallowed. This also goes for screws, bolts, nuts, screws and other small pieces of hardware.

Do not use electric blankets to line your cat's bed. She/he could be electrocuted if she/he chews the wire.

Be a few steps ahead of those graceful, little paws and you could save your cat’s life.

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