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After Effects workshop flyer
After Effects workshop flyer
New Orleans Video Access Center

Edited Friday 23 May 2014.

With technology on the rise, some of the most sought-after careers are tech-related. For people in the film industry, that includes knowledge and experience in various post-production software programs. Popular among such programs is Adobe's After Effects, which was created for a primary use in “motion graphics and visual effects.”

Through the New Orleans Video Access Center's workforce training series, residents are invited to improve their skills in post-production outside of a university classroom. The After Effects workshop is an introduction to the AE interface, along with crucial tips and hands-on experience in importing, rendering, file structures, animating, along with a comparison between NTSC and HD.

In addition to the lectured intro, particpants in the After Effects workshop will have the opportunity to create their own title sequences, commercials, kinetic typing, and web banners.

Led by Sophie Gallo, the After Effects workshop takes place this weekend – April 5 & 6 – at the NOVAC office classroom (532 Louisa St). Registration can be found online. Prices vary depending on current and new NOVAC membership status.

Gallo is a NOLA-based digital designer. A graduate from the Ringling School of Art and Design, Gallo has almost a decade of experience working on logos, print and web, motion graphics, and branding. Her career started out with storyboarding, logo, and illustration designs for commercials, though she quickly made her way into a number of production houses. Gallo has increased her skills on feature films and numerous commercial work, with clients such as American Airlines and JC Penney.

NOVAC is the longest-running nonprofit, media arts organization in the southeastern U.S. Their mission is to support and nourish the local film community through education, networking events, and resource-access.


Zaelyna is a production assistant, creative writer, and lifelong entertainment buff (books, films, music, theatre, etc). A member of NOVAC and the CFVA, Zae is constantly building her network with other entertainment professionals as she travels the country, working on a variety of production sets. Between gigs, Zae stays busy fine-tuning her own novel and screenplay ideas. She's currently accepting new freelance clients in need of writing/editing work.

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