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Take the proven path to lower scores at new GolfTEC in Ottawa

GolfTEC's Foresight system measures and records launch angle, spin rates, club speeds and more.
GolfTEC's Foresight system measures and records launch angle, spin rates, club speeds and more.
Ron Patey

The arrival of a GolfTEC Lesson and Club Fitting Centre to Ottawa this summer means more golfers are going to be wearing brighter smiles when they tally up lower totals on their scorecards.

GolfTEC's Sean Joyce gets his swing's angles recorded.
Ron Patey

“We utilize GolfTEC’s Five Factors of the Proven Path to put together the building blocks of a swing piece by piece,” said Sean Joyce, centre manager at the new Ottawa GolfTEC, a certified personal coach and PGA of Canada member.

And that philosophy has resulted in GolfTEC achieving a 95% success rate with men and women golfers of all skill levels.

The latest in golf technology blends with the expertise of GolfTEC’s coaches to guide players as they head toward the realization of attaining their goals.

The company’s patented g-Swing technology shows the student real-time video and motion measurement at the same time. A colour-coding system points out how much change is needed in the various parts of the player’s swing.

When the objective data combines with the video analysis, it becomes a breeze for the player and coach to see precisely what changes will be needed to improve.

Instant replay is also a huge factor at GolfTEC.

The Button Box that is located beside the mats in the hitting bays controls the Video-Based practice system and allows players to control video from two angles simultaneously, in regular speed, slow motion or freeze frame.

The device even includes video drawing tools to add lines that make it a snap to check swing plane, club angle and body position. Instant Video Replay is available with any practice session and can be accessed conveniently by touching a button with a club right from the hitting mat.

When fitting players with clubs that match their swings, GolfTEC turns to Foresight launch monitors. They measure launch angle, spin rates, club speeds and more. The results are paired with GolfTEC’s SwingLabs database to match the ideal clubs for each golfer.

Here are GolfTEC’s Five Factors of the Proven Path

  1. Fact-based Diagnosis — Using the patented g-SWING system, players will receive an objective analysis using video, motion measurement and a proprietary database of more than 50 professional tour players.
  2. Sequential Lessons — GolfTEC's Certified Personal Coaches give easily understood golf lessons that build repeatable skills and lasting results, working on each swing from the ground up and from address to finish.
  3. Video-based Practice — Learning rates are dramatically accelerated with visual feedback that positively reinforces new swing habits.
  4. Advanced Retention Tools — GolfTEC's online Player Performance Centre provides private 24/7 access to golf lesson history, past swing videos and practice drills that reinforce every improvement program.
  5. Precision-matched Clubs — GolfTEC's unbiased golf club fitting process filters through more than 1,000 clubs to find the ideal match for each player's swing.

The Ottawa GolfTEC is located at 2672 Lancaster Rd. For more details and to ask about Game Plans and Lesson Packs, call 613.695.0234 or e-mail

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