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Take the Poll

Hello everyone,

I am running an informal poll for an article that I plan to write towards the end of the month. It basically comes down to one question: What issue(s) will you research before deciding to vote for or against a candidate?

Name as few or as many as you wish. They do not have to be issues that relate to ethical or moral concerns, that is, pro-life/choice or gay marriage. The economy or a local project are both good answers too.

Please respond via an email or a message; that way, I can keep track of the answers until I total them up and do the math. If you would like to be quoted with a comment please include that; otherwise, all results will be anonymous.

My email address for this poll will be evangelicaliving@live .com

You can reach me at and receive updates on me or this column on Twitter by following captequinox.

Examiner’s Twitter name for the Religion and Spirituality Channel is examinereligion.