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Take the plunge with diabetes: Exercise the best treatment for this deadly disease


Recent studies have indicated that even the most advanced oral medications that were developed to treat diabetics do not work very efficiently against the disease. While medications do help reduce daily blood glucose levels and ninety day A1C levels, the overall impact on a person's health is less beneficial than expected. While this may be bad news for pharmaceutical companies, it is great news for the fitness industry!

Exercise is the best form of treatment for type 2 diabetes. With a daily dose of exercise, most diabetics can reverse the effects of diabetes and regain their health. Diabetes is a metabolic disease that impacts the liver and causes insulin resistance in cells of the body.

Exercise causes the body to burn off excess fats and glycegen, a starchy form of stored glucose, thus freeing up more storage area within cells to store glucose. This helps regulate blood sugar levels and moderate the effects of type 2 diabetes in the body.

Many patients diagnosed with type 2 diabetes who exercise on a regular basis report greatly improved blood glucose levels and greater energy levels. In a recent issue of the Tennessean, an article featured the validity of diet and exercise as treatments for diabetes.

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