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Take in the nature of Purgatory Chasm


Sutton, Ma- Tucked away in the southeastern part of central Massachusetts is Purgatory Chasm. This Massachusetts State Park is made up of granite walls rising as tall as 70 feet. There are two miles of hiking trails and picnic tables are situated throughout the park. The trails are short but challenging, as they bring out your inner rock climber. The trail that goes through the chasm is a bit treacherous due to the unsteady pathway containing rocks of all sizes. It's believed that the chasm was formed by the sudden glacial movements near the end of the last ice age, 14,000 years ago. This is a destination that will satisfy all who crave a day of nature. It will please the adventurous rock climbers, the science-minded and curious, and those who just want a quiet place to sit and take in the beautiful surroundings.

Purgatory Chasm, Sutton, MA
Jenny deMars

The park is located at Purgatory Road, Sutton, MA

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  • bobby 5 years ago

    might haft to visit there. looks sweet especially from ur article. grate writer u are