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Take the Miami wedding examiner's wedding etiquette quiz



When planning your wedding, you are bound to encounter the usual sticky situations.  (See Expect the unexpected on your wedding day).  From wording the invitation to who pays for what, you, your partner, and your families may have differing opinions.  Take this quiz to see how much you know about proper wedding etiquette.

1. How far in advance should you send out wedding invitations?
A. 4 Weeks
B. 6 Weeks
C. 10 Weeks
D. 12 Weeks

2. How long do you have to send out Thank-You Notes for gifts you received on your wedding day?
A. 1 Month
B. 2 Months
C. 3 Months
D. Your one-year anniversary

3. Which time of day is the most expensive?
A. Friday Night
B. Sunday Afternoon
C. Sunday Night
D. Saturday Night

4. Who pays for the wedding?
A. Bride’s Family
B. Groom’s Family
C. The Couple Getting Married
D. Any combination of the above

5. What should you do if someone you’re inviting is in a relationship?
A. Add “And Guest” to the Invite
B. You don’t have to invite them if it’s not serious
C. Find out their name if you will invite them to write on the invitation
D. Both B and C, but not A

And the answers are:

1. B. 6 weeks.  This gives you enough time to request response cards within 3 weeks and your guests have time to make arrangements.  You may increase to 8 weeks for destination weddings.

2. B. 2 months. This is from when you return from your honeymoon.  For gifts received before the wedding, send thank-you notes within 2 weeks.

3. D. Saturday Night.  Afternoons are almost always less expensive, and Friday nights are usually less than Saturdays. 

4. D. Any combination of the above.  These days anyone can pay for the wedding.

5. D. Both B and C, but not A.  You do not have to invite them if it’s not serious, but if you do want to invite them, find out their name.

For more info:  If you have specific questions about etiquette, feel free to email me at  I will be glad to answer any questions you may have regarding your wedding!