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Take the Local Metro Bus to Badger Games at Randall Stadium

Badgers throw for second touchdown Sept. 11; camera arrived by #6 bus route.
Badgers throw for second touchdown Sept. 11; camera arrived by #6 bus route.
Charlie's Digital

Milwaukee football fans who commute to Madison for Badger home games at the University of Wisconsin's Randall Stadium can avoid traffic gridlock and parking dilemmas, and probably save a little money, by taking the Madison Metro system's Route 6 or 7 buses to and from the game.

Both routes stop on Regent Street right in front of Randall Stadium. At present there is only one bus per hour on Saturdays, and the bus immediately before game time is crowded with passengers wearing red Badger shirts and hats. If this open secret gets out, and more people choose to ride the bus to the game, no doubt Madison Metro will have to increase service. One bus every five minutes for an hour before and an hour after the game would be none too many for even a small percentage of the stadium's total capacity, 80,321 fans.

Guaranteed capacity for several buses would be net operating revenue for the system. It would make getting to and from the stadium a little safer for the tens of thousands who walk up to a mile, crowding all available sidewalks and spilling into the street. Of course it would sharply reduce fuel consumption idling in traffic, and save on long walks from distant parking lots.

Route 6 runs on East Washington Avenue. Route 7 runs on East Jennifer. Look for a convenient parking space on any side street off either route. Be careful not to park in zones that are posted for 2-hour only, even on Saturdays. Alternately, park even farther out, at East Towne Mall, the easternmost stop for Route 7 buses, by taking I-94 / I-39 North to the East Washington Ave. interchange. (Exit toward Madison, not toward Sun Prairie).

Once Wisconsin's pioneering new high speed rail line is operating, that will be the fastest way to commute to Madison. Metro would do well to plan for buses from the rail station to Randall Stadium, similar to the Route 90 in Milwaukee to Brewers games at Miller Park.

In the meantime, what about leaving the driving to Greyhound? No, the company's web site turns up no routes which could conveniently get anyone to Madison in time for a Badger football game. If there were, the intercity line's present temporary drop-off location is at Madison Metro's North Transfer Point, on Husley between Aberg and Roth. There's not much local service from there to Camp Randall, but the Route 2 does run just north of the stadium on University (return trip on Johnson).

Badger Bus? Unless you want to catch the bus at 7:00 am at the downtown Milwaukee depot, getting into Madison at 8:45, more than two hours before the game, there's no great options there either. The next bus on Saturdays doesn't get in until 11:50. We really need that high speed rail system up and running SOON.


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