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Take the kids strawberry picking in Delray Beach, Florida

The Girls Strawberry U-Pick in Delray Beach, Florida is more than just a strawberry U-pick; it is an experience where children and adults will be thrilled to pick these sweet, juicy organic treats right off the vine.  This tranquil and beautiful farm offers u-pick strawberries in a unique setting. The strawberries are grown organically and hydroponically. The hydroponic plants require less bending and kneeling to pick because they are up off the ground. Those who have visited Disney World and seen the hydroponic gardens in Epcot will have a good idea of what to expect.

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The experience doesn’t end with berry picking. After guests have picked all the strawberries they want, the next activity is to take a walk in Grandma’s Garden. Here guests have a chance to hang out and relax in a beautiful gazebo, visit with miniature donkeys, tortoise, swans and birds. All while being surrounded by bright strawberry artwork. The Girls also offer Cherry Tomato picking and other vegetables seasonally.

Last but not least is the Organic Gourmet Country Store, where guests can pick up homemade treats that will make the whole family happy. Guests can buy tasty baked goods and of course The Girls perfect hand-dipped and custom decorated strawberries. The farm also does walking tours for groups so there is literally something for everyone here. Don’t miss out on some of the best tasting treats and fun in South Florida.

The Girls Strawberry U-Pick offers barrels of fun for the price of a pound of strawberries.


  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    My friend Eli would be very interested in this. I cant wait to notify him about this fun and exciting program.